Originally posted on VentureBeat:

CNN and other broadcast media outlets have called the election: President Barack Obama will return to the White House, with approximately 281 electoral votes:

Obama: more votes (that count) than Romney

Obama, whose mastery of social media has certainly played a huge role in his victory, tweeted simply this: Four more years.

That tweet almost instantly became his most retweeted Twitter post ever, getting almost 370,000 retweets as of 9:45 PM Pacific tonight, and another 115,000 favorites.

And — unofficially so far — it looks to be the most retweeted tweet ever. Previously, the most retweeted tweet appears to have belonged to Justin Bieber, whose RIP Avalanna tweet has 223,376 retweets.

We said yesterday that although Americans were going to the polls today, social media had already chosen a winner. More fans: 32 million to Romney’s 12 million on Facebook. More followers: 22 million to Romney’s 1.7 million…

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