We’re talking Google, or more importantly, it’s bank busting Silicon Valley headquarters.

We all use its services every day, it answers our most bizarre questions, you’re even watching this video using the company’s video streaming platform. We’re talking Google, or more importantly, it’s bank busting Silicon Valley headquarters. A short walk from the San Francisco Bay Area, and a stone’s throw away from other multinational headquarters like Apple Park and the homes of Facebook, eBay and Netflix, sits the 26-acre site on which we find Googleplex. Based in Mountain View, the Google headquarters gets its name from a play on words. Most evidently, it is a combination of Google and complex. But spelled a little differently, googolplex is an incredibly large number, with lots of zeros after it. The latter explanation is probably a hint towards Google’s global monopoly, and its incredible successes.

Nillionaire USD $0 to Billionaire: Software Project Plan: If you have money or brain or intellect come join me:

Nillionaire USD $0 to Billionaire: Software Project Plan: If you have money or brain or intellect come join me:

October 31 Trick: Treat: Halloween: Hangover: had not finished: Pumpkins were smiling:
November 1, 2020: Me was at Tribhuvan Memorial Park: Thankot: Kathmandu: Nepal:
Walking: Taking Pics of mighty Himalayas: Mountains: Hills: Forests: Woods: Covers: Roads:

Met old friends who run restaurant by roadside: The wife scolds husband and children like animals since decades: Love their hospitality so never miss either in vehicle or hiking or trekking or riding bike or motorbike:
The road has broadened from thankot to matartirtha: and beyond to this point some kilmeters uphill:
Old trekking hiking trail shortcuts have been demolished completely:
As the owners were quaralleing as usual I got hot milk tea and two eggs: I added another cup tea left some tips for children and kept walking towards chandragiri top Dhading: Kirtipur: Kathmandu border from where Chitlang: Makwanpur: is so near:
I later think I should have taken chandragiri hills cablecar:

After some hours of gruelling walk I was at the top now allowing birds eye view of chitlang:
I kept on walking: Met a group of family who showed me shortcut through deep forest saving a few kilometers of road walk:
Chitlang: homestays: Olive: Goats: Mushrooms: Resorts: Guest Houses: Hotels: Restaurants: Organic: Untouched by pollution:
Traditional: Housing: beautiful: blending:

I found an old man and his wife on the way: I asked for shortcuts though jungle to Markhu: Kulekhani: They taught:
I am oversmart: I took another shortcut through bushes and got scracthed all over body feet to head with Thorns:

This will be the day I die: I remembered the song: I cremated myself: I threw my body parts to vulture: I merged myself to superior being: Me could not see: listen: walk: or move: My heart: had stopped. My kidneys: and livers: not working:
Brain had crashed: When I recovered I saw a cliff and deep crevasse in front of me. I heard a dog parking from Goat Farm:
Me somehow managed to climb steep uphill holding grasses until me reached top. If only shoes had slipped me would not be writing the story here.

Finally, I arrived to my favorite hotel: indrasarovar: who always love me as their own family: and let me have good shower: food: drinks: great bedroom with attached washroom: They are at turning towards route to kulekhani: Kalanki: local name not to confuse with ringroad: kathmandu:

I asked the owner: Me lavakafle: hi: Me did not find ATM: or Debit: Credit: Card Swiping: Machines around: Could you please help me this night: Stay: My Usual room: with showers: best washroom: mirror: and exceptional: engineered: windows: doors: wooden: allowing: fresh breeze: 24 hours from kulekhani: markhu: lake: pond: water reservoir:

They immediately showed me my room: After few minutes: I got best foods: drinks: plenty water: I ate till hours until I finished all.
Rule: is paying at night: before sleeping: They waived: that rule for me: So in November: 02: 2020: early morning:

I met the owner who happily showed me the bills and said esewa: works heheh:

A few moments later the hotel owner said: He is going kathmandu from markhu kulekhani if I am interested in taking a ride in his personal car: That would save me payments headaches to rental: or public: vehicles cars buses trax .. and lunch.
Thank god: Then I saw efficacy of benevolence: humanity: courtesy: customer service: WowWow Thank you Hotel: Indrasarovar:

Then I created the title: Nillionaire USD $0 to Billionaire: Software Project Plan: If you have money or brain or intellect come join me: Exceptional Hiking: Trekking Story: Agile: Scrum: AI: ML: DL: Chatbots: Dating Game: NepaliNepalese:

Whoever we see around are multi millionaires: how much tax do they pay: how they earn: Its not only nepal: government: but all governments around world must be thinking: Is it easy: Nope: No way: Billionaire is too far: forbes:

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This presentation to the RAes Paris Branch based on the “CAPTIO Study” provides new insight into the flight trajectory of MH370, providing additional elements to better understand this tragic disaster. It is based on information and data published in the final report, radar and satellite data, publications from the scientific community as well as information derived from the recovered debris, all making it possible to “follow” the aircraft along its final route.

How The Penrose Singularity Theorem Predicts The End of Space Time: The Nobel prize in physics this year went to black holes. Generally speaking. Specifically, it was shared by the astronomers who revealed to us the Milky Way’s central black hole and by Roger Penrose, who proved that in general relativity, every black hole contains a place of infinite gravity – a singularity. But the true impact of Penrose’s singularity theorem would is much deeper – it leads us to the limits Einstein’s great theory and to the origin of the universe.