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Wicket is a Java Web Framework that uses POJOs and HTML to create applications. I read a lot's of blogs that Wicket is so great, but never really bothered with taking it serious. When flying back from ApacheCon US, I read an article about Apache Wicket and I have to say, that I don't buy the Wicket story, yet. The key features of Wicket, as far as I got it, are: POJOs HTML pages no XML A typical Wicket-HTML file looks like The Java file behind th … Read More

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The Glamour and Glitz of Healthcare Marketing Consulting (via The Healthcare Marketer)

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As a healthcare marketer, I spend a ton of time on the road working with hospital clients. I try to explain to my staff and colleagues that all the travel is not glamorous, but it never seems to sink in. The truth is that I love my work and enjoy being on-site with my firm's clients, but the travel is a grind. Think of all the delayed flights, endless hours in airports, and nights away from family. For those of you out there who still think the l … Read More

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Wicket Tutorial: YUI AutoComplete using JSON and Ajax (via Incremental Operations)

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Wicket Tutorial: YUI AutoComplete using JSON and Ajax Getting an AutoComplete JavaScript widget to work with a server-side framework involves a few more steps and integration points than what it would take for e.g. a simple date-picker widget. It makes for an interesting example that shows off the strengths of Apache Wicket when it comes to creating custom components – especially when Ajax and integrating third-party JavaScript and CSS is involved. This tutorial covers the following topics: Creating … Read More

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JSF sucks (via Incremental Operations)

This post is intended to be a reference for those evaluating or contemplating using JSF. Once in a while, I find myself having to convince people that there are far, far, better alternatives to JSF. With this blog post finally in place, from now on I will probably just refer people here. Please pass this link on to those you feel will benefit from this fairly large selection of links and real-life experiences collected from across the interwebs. … Read More

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Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit – Call for Speakers (via The Healthcare Marketer)

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Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit - Call for Speakers One of the two national healthcare marketing conferences I attend each year is the Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit, produced by the Forum for Healthcare Strategists (of which I am a member). The seventeenth national conference will take place in Orlando, Florida, April 19 – May 1, 2012. The Summit is an opportunity for healthcare marketing, planning, and strategy executives to share "best practices" and network with colleagues from hospita … Read More

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