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Today I’m following up to my last post, exploring the question of how and where the consumer perspective fits in the development of connected health.  Recently, I read with great interest a piece in JAMA called “What Patients Really Want From Health Care” by Allan Detsky.  It is a well-written and provocative piece. I don’t know Dr. Detsky but one gets the sense he must be a fine physician, in the tradition of Marcus Welby or the type of doctor I grew up with in Barre, Vermont, who would make house calls and always seemed to know how to make you feel better.

While interesting reading, to me, the piece seems flawed from two perspectives.  First, the article is highly focused on an acute care view.  Dr. Detsky notes that he practices in an inpatient setting and the piece reflects this bias.  Secondly, it is truly difficult to really…

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