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You can find information on how to debug on a real device on the Using Hardware Devices page. But since this is missing information about the Archos Internet Table 7 (the device I am using) I will post here how you can do it (on Windows).

First of all you need to download the Archos ADB drivers from the archos site. Install it by following the instructions on the Google USB Driver page.

Then you need to edit the adb_usb.ini file (it should be in your home directory, under the .android folder) and add the following line: 0x0e79. You should get something like the following:

# USE 'android update adb' TO GENERATE.

You must kill and restart the adb server by running: adb kill-server and adb start-server (

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God plays dice

Let $latex x_i$ and $latex y_i$ both be uniform on $latex [0, 1]$. Let $latex w_i$ be the smaller of the two, and let $latex z_i$ be the larger. Let $latex h_i = \sqrt{w_i^2 + z_i^2}$. So $latex (x_i, y_i)$ is a random point in the unit square, and $latex h_i$ is its distance from the origin. We can predict this distance using linear regression. For example, in R, we can pick $latex 10^4$ such points and execute the code

w=rep(0,10^4); for(i in 1:10^4){w[i]=min(x[i],y[i])}
z=rep(0,10^4); for(i in 1:10^4){z[i]=max(x[i],y[i])}

to fit a linear model of the form $latex h = aw+bz$. The least-squares model here is, for this particular simulation, $latex h = 0.4278w + 0.9339z$, with $latex R^2 = 0.9995$. In other words, the formula

$latex h = 0.4278 \min(x,y) + 0.9339 \max(x,y)$

appears to predict a as a linear function of $latex \min(x,y)$ and $\max(x,y)$…

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The Healthcare Marketer

It is that time of year when my team is entering our work for healthcare clients in a variety of award competitions. If you’ve never done this on a large scale, let me tell you that entering these competitions can be a monumental undertaking. It becomes particularly daunting when you are submitting entries representing a number of different hospitals and health systems. Some of the competitions (Lamplighter Awards for example) have gone to entirely electronic submission processes. That is wonderful, yet still time consuming, but not nearly as labor intensive as some of the competitions using old school methods. By old school I mean that every entry has to be printed out, trimmed, and then spray mounted to art board (which also has to  be cut to size). TV commercials and videos have to be burned to DVDs and radio spots burned to CDs. Additionally, two copies of the entry…

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north korea cyber arms

CYBER ARMS - Computer Security

The picture above from shows North Korea at night. Yes, North Korea is the big black void circled in red surrounded by all the other countries that are lit up like Christmas Trees. So how is this nation, boasting about 30 external facing websites – all run by the government, such a threat to the cyber world?

Especially when compared to S. Korea (the glowing peninsula below N. Korea) which is one of the most connected countries in the world.

According to Richard A. Clarke’s book “Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to do about It” (excellent book by the way), North Korea, one of the least connected countries in the world has one of the most advanced cyber war programs.

So how can this be?

North Korea has four known cyber warfare units and Clarke states that the cyber forces are…

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