In this part 1 of a 3-part post series we’ll describe how we use HBase at Sematext for real-time analytics and how we can perform data rollbacks by using an append-only updates approach.

Some bits of this topic were already covered in Deferring Processing Updates to Increase HBase Write Performance and some were briefly presented at BerlinBuzzwords 2011 (video). We will also talk about some of the ideas below during HBaseCon-2012 in late May (see Real-time Analytics with HBase). The approach described in this post is used in our production systems (SPM & SA) and the implementation was open-sourced as HBaseHUT project.

Problem we are Solving

While HDFS & MapReduce are designed for massive batch processing and with the idea of data being immutable (write once, read many times), HBase includes support for additional operations such as real-time and random read/write/delete access to data records…

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That’s a provocative title!  Let’s start by talking about why you might want to disable B2B!

If you are using BPM (or SOA) and you are not using any of the B2B functionality, then you might want to consider disabling B2B on your SOA managed servers.  There are a few good reasons for doing this:

  • You will save some memory,
  • You will reduce your managed server start (and restart) time, and
  • You avoid any potential problems that may be introduced by running unnecessary modules – think security.

So how do we do it?  There are two steps that you need to take.

First, log on the WebLogic Console and go to Deployments.  Find the b2b application and stop it.

The second step is a little more involved – we need to set the b2b.donot_initialize property to true.  But first, we need to define this property.

Log on the…

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The Healthcare Marketer

Today I am attending the 17th National Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit (#HCMS12 for those of you on Twitter). When I attend these conferences, I want to meet smart, innovative people. It also helps if they are interesting and fun to hang out with.

Here’s a list of people I think you ought to meet at this Summit. In creating this list I realized that I need to reintroduce myself to a couple of them. These are really smart people. Some I’ve just met, some I’ve known for years. From my perspective, they all qualify as thought leaders in our industry. So hunt them down and introduce yourself. My hope is that you will be able to engage them in conversation and find out what they see on the horizon.

  • Danny Fell – Neathawk Dubuque & Packett
  • Linda MacCracken – Thomson Reuters
  • Lyle Green – MD Anderson (One of my co-presenters)

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The Java Blog

I got this error while I rebooted my android device in the middle of installing an application (it was taking ages so I assumed that it was stuck). It seems that android did not have time to clean the file system, so every time i was trying to install an application I was getting the error:

ASEC file ‘/mnt/secure/asec/smdl2tmp1.asec’ currently exists – destroy it first! (Address already in use)

The solution to this is actually very simple. Make sure that you have connected your device to your computer and that it’s running on debug mode (it’s not mounted). Open a command window, go to your Android\android-sdk\platform-tools and type adb shell. This should open the adb shell and connect as root. Then simply type rm /mnt/secure/asec/smdl2tmp1.asec and the problem should go away.


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