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If you’d like to connect to the world of Diabetes Manager talk to your healthcare provider or your companies Human Resources Department to see if this benefit is available to you

Some really good quality video content is now being put out promoting the “AT&T mHealth Solutions DiabetesManager®” and it’s going to be fascinating to see how effectively a telco can promote a Healthcare IT service by directly talking to patients affected by Diabetes.

Click here for more info on how mobile operators can work with WellDoc to add solutions like Diabetes Manager to their mHealth portfolio.

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Rick Warren changed my world view within an hour of my meeting him. We were speaking in earnest about the work he is doing to deliver basic health services in Sub-Saharan Africa. I was impressed by his genuine desire to be of service to the world — something he wrote about at length in his bestseller The Purpose Driven Life — and by his realization that houses of worship are in a unique position to deliver on that promise.

Health clinics and hospitals may be scattered unevenly and inequitably around the world, but there is almost no town so isolated, no village so remote that it doesn’t have a religious building within it or nearby. This is a global infrastructure like none other, one that’s typically staffed by people for whom the highest goal is serving others and relieving suffering. Rick has convinced religious leaders of many faiths that their…

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I’ve read a fair bit about HugePages and their importance especially for Oracle databases with large SGAs and a large number of dedicated connections.

Admittedly, some of what I read is over my head – I’m not a production DBA and quite often I don’t even have access to the box unfortunately – but I know who the experts are and I trust them (doesn’t mean that an expert’s opinion shouldn’t be tested of course):

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At the GSMA mHealth Alliance Mobile Health Summit in Cape Town the GSMA together with sponsors Qualcomm and QTel have announced the winner and shortlisted finalists for their Mobile Health University Challenge.

Winner: Sana AudioPulse

Unversity: MIT (US) and Federal University of Rio Grande Do Norte (Brazil)

Built on the Sana open source software platform this project plans to create a hearing screening application for Android smartphones that can send psychoacoustical data to remote clinics for diagnosis by certified audiologists. Being an open source project the software and de-identified pilot data will be publicly shared.


BabeeMon, University of Oxford (UK)

A low cost system of continuously connected respiratory, heart rhythm and PO2 sensors connected to a smartphone provides analytical processing that can notify carers of health deterioration.

LifeCheck, UC Berkeley (US)

LifeCheck is a digital checklist management system for hospitals based on a smartphone app and supported by a…

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2012 The Awakening

Sacred Geometry for dummies, for the mathematically dyslexic and those who fear physics…this guy makes it’s easy to understand for all of us!  That’s the beauty of sacred geometry, Divine order is the creation of the universe is designed for all to understand through structure and consciousness…it was never meant to be exclusively available to only the privileged elite and the priesthood. Once you begin to understand that we live in the mind/consciousness of God, that knowledge lays the foundation for everything else to unfold. It’s very reassuring to know you can close your eyes and look up into the light that’s always there between your eyes (once you find it 🙂 and find any answer or solve any problem that confronts you. Now you might have to wait a few hours or maybe even days for the answer and clues to come your way, just be reassured that whenever…

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