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This is a step-by-step guide about how to expose live data from a C# console application to a web browser using WebSockets. The example has been implemented and tested on Windows7.

NodeJs and Socket.IO installation

  1. Install node.js – http://nodejs.org/
  2. Install socket.io windows package – http://code.google.com/p/nodejs-win/downloads/list (attenzione a prendere la versione corretta compatibile con nodejs)
  3. Add to you Windows PATH nodejs directory- ;C:\Program Files\NodeJS
  4. Launch windows console (cmd) and then node application typing node, you should see the node prompt

to exit CTRL+C (twice)

Source Code

  • ws.js is the WebSocket Gateway and UDP server written in NodeJs
  • index.html, served by ws.js, visualizes the data
  • desktop.cs is the C# Console Application (Visual Studio 2010) that writes the data to UDP (a counter updated each 50ms)
      Source code can be downloaded here –




Run the demo

To run this demo:

  • Execute from cmd prompt: node ws.js
  • Execute desktop.exe application
  • Navigate…

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