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Over on the Business Fights Poverty blog Dr Scott Ratzan, VP Global Health at Johnson and Johnson, has written an interesting piece on the mHealth opportunity: “Keeping it Simple: Innovations in Mobile Health Technology”.

Mobile technology does not make other health technologies obsolete—it builds upon them. In addition to filling a communications gap in places where no formal health system exists, mobile technology can also strengthen existing health channels by making it easy to link patients back to a broader health system. By extending the reach of health information and services to hard-to-reach populations, mobile technology can reduce the ongoing costs of supporting public health systems by providing a simple method of collecting data, monitoring disease outbreaks, and communicating important health information to the public. Innovations like mobile health technology need to be seen as an integral part of health policy, and governments and the private sector can work…

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354 people have been arrested over the last six months for drug-trafficking offences on the Copperbelt with most of them being women.
Copperbelt permanent secretary Christopher Mutembo said during the commemoration of the World Anti-Drug Day in Kitwe yesterday that it is evident that Zambia is facing serious challenges because youths are increasingly becoming vulnerable to drug abuse.
“Current statistics show that the trend of drug abuse is high among people aged between 13 and 50 years, women being in the majority. This is worrying because women are supposed to be the custodians of good health norms,” Mr Mutembo said.
This year’s World Anti-Drug Day was commemorated under the theme A healthy nation free from illicit drugs begins with me.
“Both women and men have not been spared either. This is evidenced by the number of arrests that have been made both locally and abroad on those who have…

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The Healthcare Marketer

For some time I’ve been thinking about the language of healthcare. We all talk about taking the industry in a more patient-centric direction, but the language we use is anything but patient-friendly. At times, it isn’t even physician-friendly. I remember interviewing physicians as a part of a study I was conducting for an ACO (acronyms are even less friendly), and the doctors complained vehemently about the leadership’s use of terms like the “Triple Aim,” “interface engine,”  and “interoperability.” To them, this was business school speak, and didn’t reflect a true effort on the part of leadership to communicate effectively with the physicians.

Of course, we are an industry that loves its acronyms. Much of this is “insider speak,” whether we acknowledge it or not: EMR, EHR, ACO, PCMH, PPO, PCP, OTC, AQC. I could go on, but I won’t. As “providers” strive to improve quality, access and outcomes

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Liberals have been popping corks over the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the Affordable Care Act. But one part of the ruling is taking some fizz out of the victory. While Chief Justice Roberts joined the court’s liberals in voting for the law, he gave his fellow conservatives an under-the-radar victory. The decision scales back the scope of the commerce clause, which could make it harder for Congress to pass social welfare laws in the future.

(MORESupreme Court Upholds Health Reform Law in Landmark Decision)

Constitutional experts handicapping the case were nearly unanimous in believing that if the law was upheld — a big if — it would be under the commerce clause. That clause — which gives Congress the power to “regulate Commerce . . . among the several states” — is the hook Congress has long used to pass everything from farm laws to…

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Office Pictures

MediaCom is the largest media communication firm, Mediacom Purchase and Planing advertising space for few of the worlds companies. MediaCom office designed by STUDIOS. Studios architects designed dynamic gathering spot for employees, vendor and clients that would generate buzz among all parties.,

Address:- 498 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10018 Phone:- +1-212 912 4200. Email:-

mediacom-Office-receptionInterior designer service provider STUDIO set the reception very unique. three chair set at near receptions area. mediacom-Office-workstationInside the NJ Mediacom office interior, the designer put the curved desk of each employee where they get free workspace at the desk. The STUDIO is the top NYC interior designers.mediacom-Office-pantrymediacom-Office-lounge-spaceInside the office, there is good space for relaxing and personal chit chat. NJ interior firm studio has care about it.mediacom-Office-Lobbymediacom-Office-Conferencemediacom-Office-cafeteriamediacom-Office-workspace

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The WriteGrants Database has over 9,500 Grant sources for your nonprofit organization or ministry.  Purchase the database and then follow the free instructional grant writing video below to apply for your grant!

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10.  Types of programs and Scholarships they support

11.   Areas of Interest


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