God plays dice

A thought: lots of leases on apartments are timed to calendar months. Are people even ever-so-slightly more likely to move when the first of the month falls on a weekend, as opposed to midweek. Obviously this wouldn’t be a big effect, but it’s at least slightly easier to move on the weekend, and I could imagine someone with a month-to-month tenancy wanting to move on either August 1 or September 1 this year, noticing that August 1 is a Wednesday and September 1 is a Saturday, and deciding September would be better. (This might be more true in markets less crazy than San Francisco.)

This is, as it turns out, not hypothetical. I’m looking to move for August 1. (The links goes to my Craigslist “housing wanted” ad. Short version: in SF, non-ridiculous commute to downtown, would like to pay around $1000. Not included in that link: you get…

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