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The Feds Coverup Of Radioactive Contamination On SF’s Treasure Island

August 30th, 2012

(ZeroHedge) – For decades the US Government has buried its nuclear sins on Treasure Island under layers of institutional ignorance and now the lies are finally being uncovered.


San Fransico's Treasure Island - Site of US Cover Up Of Radioactive Contamination

Wolf Richter

On Treasure Island, a rectilinear manmade speck of land and former naval base in the San Francisco Bay, there is a spot the Navy calls “USS Pandemonium Site I,” occupied by low-slung housing units rented out as apartments. Potential contaminants: Radium-226 and cesium-137. “Likelihood of contamination,” according to the Navy, was “unlikely.”

However, in April 2011, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) did some tests along the streets around the USS Pandemonium site and found 93 spots where radiation levels weren’t 10% or 20% or 50% above the normal exposure level, but up to 2.7 times the normal exposure level. In one area…

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Alzheimer's Speaks Blog

A Groundbreaking Webinar for Those With Dementia

On September 10 and 11, people with dementia from across the USA and Canada will be getting together in a virtual conference room for A Meeting of the Minds. At this ground-breaking event for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, participants will discuss the issues they face as people with dementia in their communities, provinces/states and countries, and will begin to think about actions they can take and how they can support each other in taking these actions.

A Meeting of the Minds will be hosted by Richard Taylor, PhD and Laura Bramly.  Richard is based in the USA, and was diagnosed nine years ago with dementia, probably of the Alzheimer’s type. Since then he has created a life of purpose by speaking out about dementia, and teaching others about the disease through his book, DVDs and speeches at…

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mHealth Insight

Great to see this new DriveLink app from Samsung (available only on the Galaxy S3 so far) that I really hope is a sign that the next step in the smartphone wars will be in developing easier user experiences (like those that have already been developed by EasyPhone brand Doro) that users can select as part of the initial set up process.

I think it’s easy to imagine:

> that a mobile you can safely operate while driving the car might also be very easy to use when watching TV, riding the bike, cooking dinner, working on my PC, etc, etc.

> the additional stickiness customers would have with such a user experience (which would be much more valuable to a mobile device manufacturer than the rounded corner designs etc that helped Apple win it’s recent billion dollar patent dispute with Samsung).

> the opportunities this will provide mHealth…

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2012 The Awakening


Hundreds upon hundreds of other scientific studies over the last fifty years have consistently revealed that “invisible forces” of the electromagnetic spectrum profoundly impact every facet of biological regulation. These energies include microwaves, radio frequencies, the visible light spectrum, extremely low frequencies, acoustic frequencies, and even a newly recognized form of force called scalar energy. Specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation regulate DNA, RNA and protein syntheses; alter protein shape and function; and control gene regulation, cell division, cell differentiation, morphogenesis, (the process by which cells assemble into organs and tissues), hormone secretion, and nerve growth and function. Each one of these cellular activities is a fundamental behavior that contributes to the unfolding of life. Though these research studies have been published in some of the most respected mainstream biomedical journals, their revolutionary findings have not been incorporated into medical school curriculum. (Liboff 2004; Goodman and Bank 2002…

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CYBER ARMS - Computer Security

(Note:  The following information is primarily from a paper that I wrote detailing the Windows 8 Reset and Refresh functions.  A few pieces have been changed for formatting, but the structure has stayed the same.  The sections are broken down in the same manner as the paper. – Ethan Fleisher)

1. Introduction

1.1 Research Problem

Windows 8 ships with a new feature that will be extremely handy for the average consumer; the Reset and Refresh function.  This allows a user to choose whether or not to reinstall the OS, quickly reset their entire computer, or thoroughly reset their entire computer.  A function that has the potential to wipe out data is of extreme importance to the world of digital forensics, as it could easily make or break a case.  This paper will delve into what can be found on a machine that has had the refresh, quick reset, or thorough…

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2012 The Awakening

July 30, 2012-5:00 pm

Bloomsburg-Columbia County, PA

It was about 5:00 pm on July 30, 2012, when an unusual incident occurred to a man who was driving toward the east on Interstate 80 between Route 880 and U.S. 15 west of Bloomsburg.  There were no other vehicles in the vicinity of this driver and he was moving at a good pace. The weather was clear with low humidity, so the driver was enjoying the ride with his windows down.

As he continued down the road, he began to experience an uneasy feeling as though something was wrong with his vehicle or that some type of accident was about to occur. He was trying to find a music station on his radio and was pushing the auto seek button. Then a short time later, something very strange took place which the motorist will never forget. Suddenly a white, translucent, solid round…

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