mHealth Insight


Once again we were very proud to have been able to contribute as media partners, exhibitors and presenters at the mHealth Summit which took place earlier this month in Washington DC.

The popularity of mHealth events has grown (there were 100 events in 2012) but the commitment, focus and an open door partnering strategy that has seen the event expand through the support of 30 sponsors, 35 strategic affiliates, 300 open space exhibitors (plus 8 dedicated pavillions) and 4,050 delegates.

The foresight of the organisers to share video recordings of presentations freely has ensured the mHealth Summit has always provided an educational legacy and with the expanded 2012 program it’s great to see that it’s all now available via Vimeo so that content can be more easily downloaded, shared and embedded. I cannot think of a single more indepth resource for those looking to research…

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mHealth Insight

We’re once again very proud to be confirmed as media partners for the 4th annual mHealth Summit taking place on the 3-5 December 2012 in Washington DC.

In 2012 the event will be presented by mHIMSS (the global mobile initiative of HIMSS a 51-year-old non-profit community developed to drive positive transformational change in health and healthcare through the best use of IT) in partnership with the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, the mHealth Alliance and the National Institutes of Health.

The mHealth Summit is the highlight of the calendar for the mHealth Industry featuring an all-star lineup of visionary keynote speakers and dedicated conference tracks all of which are video recorded providing an invaluable resource that is accessible free to charge to the wider global mHealth community.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join us again in 2012 together with leaders in government, private sector…

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Piercing the Veil of Reality

That’s what John Lennon was singing and it is true, all we need is love. But do we really know what love is? Love is a word that is sung about in songs, written in poems, talked about a lot and it is something many people long for one way or the other, mostly in form of a partner. We hear it a lot these days: “Be heart-centered” and “Be love”, “Love is the answer, because love always wins!”, “Send Love and Light!” and so on. People post it on Facebook as their Religion: Love, and use it casually in conversation in their every day lives. It is seen as the solution to all the world problems. All you need is Love!

If that’s so easy,  how come nothing has changed fundamentally on planet earth despite the obvious technological progress? It’s 2011 and we still see genocide, oppression and wars happening…

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CYBER ARMS - Computer Security

Iran Rear Admiral Rastegari

For the first time, Iranian Naval forces included a cyber attack scenario during maritime military drills. According to Iran’s Press TV, their Navy’s Cyber Defense group successfully detected and blocked a simulated attack against navy systems.

During six days of simulated naval defense drills, called Velayat 91, Iranian ships practiced defending coastal waters against suspected invasion tactics. Though not mentioned, the drills were obviously intended to give Iran’s navy practice against a possible attack by American warships.

But this year, the drills included a cyber war scenario putting their Naval Cyber Defense group through the paces. Iran’s Rear Admiral Amir Rastegari told reporters that during the drill, aggressive forces launched a cyber attack against the computer network of defensive forces in order to infiltrate the network and hack information or spread viruses.

According to Admiral Rastegari, the Navy’s Cyber Defense is tasked with monitoring all naval system…

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2012 The Awakening


Well here we are, wrapping up the 2012 holiday season and the end of a historical year that will go down as a major turning point for humanity. So, I hope this finds you at peace with “your” reality, firmly aligned with Spirit as we move in to birthing a new world and a new era that begins with 2013. The past few years leading up to this point have been a wild ride for just about everyone and fortunately, 2012 has been a much smoother journey than most of us expected.

For myself, it’s been a miraculous year. One of incredible transformation after learning in June that I’m a walk-in, a volunteer soul with an ancient past that goes back long before humanity began it’s journey here on Earth.  Immediately  following that discovery came my third eye activation, which also accompanied a massive Kundalini Awakening that launched an…

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Black History 360*

Let’s stop denying the election wasn’t a plebiscite on creating new revenue to reduce the deficit by raising taxes on the top 2%. This is to balance cuts in direct benefits. Let’s stop overlooking the taxes represent 4 additional cents on a dollar’s income over $250,000. Let’s stop deluding ourselves and others that the election was either/or, not the total package of women’s rights, tax cuts, infra-structure investment. Let’s not repeat the lie or political myth that any person got paid $30M during the campaign.

Cap2012fallLet’s do remember the $400K was a part of a larger, more complex deal, not the bare bones deal Congress is now tasked with. Let’s remember, like in any negotiation, the $400K threshold can be revisited, and put back into play in a larger, comprehensive deal. Let’s stop finger pointing. The President has proved to be a reasonable, keep-the-promise executive, and has offered Republicans a…

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