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Now what?  When you focus on solving a problem so intently it is sometimes hard to look beyond.  Wirelessly connected sensors enable an important design principle of connected health:  feedback loops.  Once you capture the data from these devices, the first important thing to do with it is feed it right back to the consumers/patients from whence it came. Why?

Feedback loops are great for establishing awareness and for changing your mindset about your health.

They help us keep our health top of mind.  There is a bit of narcissist in all of us and having the ability to gaze at our health data at a moment’s notice is compelling….for a while.

Inevitably we get bored or distracted.  More is required.  This figure from our paper on the use of text messaging to promote sunscreen use shows it nicely.  The control group (lower curve) had access to a classic feedback…

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