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In my previous post I briefly discussed what PwnPi is, and what the requirements are to run it. In this article we will actually learn how to install PwnPi on a Raspberry Pi board, creating a $35 pentesting platform!

Most posts I have seen cover installing Raspberry Pi disk images from a Linux view point. In this post we will cover installing PwnPi from a Windows perspective.

For this install we will need a Raspberry Pi (I used the 512MB model B), a power source for the Pi, an SD card 8GB or Larger (I used a 16GB) and a Windows System to install the PwnPi disk image onto the SD card. You will also need an Ethernet connection and optionally a keyboard and mouse.

(Check out the notes on these items in the intro article.)

Once we have everything together, it is time to install PwnPi.

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