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However, today when you get health related messages from your insurer or another source, they are typically public health focused.  Stop smoking!  Get your mammogram! Get your flu shot!  These three messages illustrate the challenge. I’ve been the recipient of all of them recently.  I’ve never smoked, clearly do not need a mammogram and was vaccinated for influenza in early October.

I always thought our friends on the consumer web side were doing better.  The first time you experience Amazon’s or Netflix’s recommendation engines, they tend to raise eyebrows.  Over time, the experience is less salient.  And let’s face it, it’s got to be easier to guess which type of movie I might want to watch or a book that might interest me than to predict what a really engaging health-related message might be.

At CCH we’re in the middle of an interesting trial funded by the McKesson Foundation

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