2012 The Awakening

Millions of people around the world have been affected by slow internet speeds after an unprecedented attack.

Hacking: the risks to internet users aren't going away
                                                                A row between two web companies has escalated into the biggest ever online attack Photo: ALAMY

27 Mar 2013

 A Dutch web-hosting company caused disruption and the global slowdown of the internet, according to a not-for-profit anti-spam organization.

The interruptions came after Spamhaus, a spam-fighting group based in Geneva, temporarily added the Dutch firm, CyberBunker, to a blacklist that is used by e-mail providers to weed out spam.

Cyberbunker is housed in a five-story former NATO bunker and famously offers its services to any website “except child porn and anything related to terrorism”. As such it has often been linked to behaviour that anti-spam blacklist compilers have condemned.

Users of Cyberbunker retaliated with a huge ‘denial of service attack’. These work by trying to make a network unavailable to…

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Everyone loves to make predictions and almost everyone is bad at it. Not only are we enchanted by our own forecasts, but people in all fields — journalism, politics, tech, marketing — make a nice living off fawning over the future, pretending to know which gadgets will sweep the next decade and whether the economy will recover and when. But a 2011 survey of morning talk shows came to the remarkable conclusion that the pundits featured were no more accurate than a coin toss. The realization that most predictions fail has been elaborated upon in Nate Silver’s book, The Signal and the Noise, and has even inspired Philip E. Tetlock, psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, to launch a project seeking to improve punditry’s abysmal record.

(MORE:Predicting the NCAA Men’s Basketball Field—and Discovering the Selection Committee’s Biases)

That we are wrong far more often than…

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The Healthcare Marketer

Lately I’ve felt like my blog has become infographic central! Infographics are coming out of the woodwork. Trust me when I tell you that most infographics that people send me never make it into this blog. Every infographic is selling something; that’s just the way it is. Case in point, the infographic below was produced by BestHealthcareMBA.com. It takes a detailed look at healthcare spending in the United States. It doesn’t break any new ground, but the information, in graphic form, is interesting. Take a look. To view a larger version of the infographic, simply click on the image.
The Business of Healthcare

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Nigel Noble's Oracle Blog

My site uses a 3rd party SQL monitoring tool which collects data based on the Oracle view v$sqlstats.  The tool collects data for all sql statements which have been executed since the previous collection using the last_active_time column. A few months ago we noticed (after an upgrade to 11g) we would occasionally be missing some sql statements from the monitor graphs. We investigated the problem, re-produced a test case, raised a bug with Oracle and Support has just released an 11.2 patch.

Before I explain the issue and demonstrate the issue, I will explain what prompted me to post this blog item. Until now I always thought this just effected v$sqlstats (and my 3rd party monitoring tool) and not AWR. If you ever trace (10046) an AWR collection you will not find any references to v$sqlstats. If the data is missing from the 3rd Party tools “I can always rely on AWR?”……

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Penelope Jones


Every wanted to know exactly what a Bdsm/Leather event is?

Or maybe you already know, and you just needed a good recommendation?

Or you want to meet Bad Pennyin person? Or maybe Thianna D is who you’d like to meet?  Either way you came to the right place! -giggles-

Tribal Fire 2013

Welcome to The Dirty Dozen, Tribal Fire© 12!

Tribal Fire will be held in Oklahoma City, May 3rd through May 5th, 2013.Tribal Fire has our usual fare of World-Class Vendors, Renowned Presenters, Hands-On Seminars and Classes, Nightly Dungeon Parties, and the Always Unpredictable Fetish Gala.  This year’s event will also include our attention to detail and Okie hospitality for which Tribal Fire has become famous (or it that infamous?)!

Oh, yes, don’t forget our interactive Friday Night “Meat ‘n’ Greet“!

The Tribal Fire committee is dedicated to producing an event that caters to every segment of…

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2012 The Awakening

Published on Jan 31, 2012



From ancient goddesses to Lady Gaga, culture creation is the method of rulers to keep children fighting wars. Jamie and Freeman join Wash Your Brain to open the doors to occult rituals in Hollywood laying bare the propaganda techniques to help guide our youth out of the black magic spell.

Part 2: http://youtu.be/ATQopgh4Ruk

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The following film contains excerpts of unlicensed 
footage and images, which are used with lawful excuse,
for educational purposes only and not-for-profit.

 Unlicensed footage and images are used in accordance
 with Section 107 of the US Copyright Law and Section 29
of the Canadian Copyright Act.

The views expressed in this film are those of the creators of this film alone. The persons appearing in…

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