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With that in mind, I was fascinated to read a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (the news appeared in other outlets as well) citing a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences that studied how using the ‘like’ function on Facebook can reveal details about your personality.  Researchers first collected a lot of information from participants using standard personality inventories and psychological tests.  They then looked at patterns of clicking ‘like’ on Facebook to see if they could predict any personality traits or other identifiers.

The results were startling.  The researchers found, for example, that ‘likes’ for Austin, Texas, “Big Momma” movies, and the statement “Relationships Should Be Between Two People Not the Whole Universe” predicted drug use.  But “likes” for swimming, chocolate-chip cookie-dough ice cream and “Sliding On Floors with Your Socks On” were part of a pattern predicting that a person…

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