The cHealth Blog Turns Three: Reflections on 3 Years of Progress in Connected Health

The cHealth Blog

Provider-centric use of connected health
The early themes hit upon just-in-time care, and patient accountability and ownership.  Here are a few quotes from that first year:

  • Accountability can be viewed as reining in freedom and no politician wants to remind their constituents that individuals are in control of unhealthy behaviors. It’s much easier to be in favor of programs that guarantee care to victims…..
  • Imagine a world where a provider can tell you with near certainty how you will respond to a certain medication (typically we hear things like ‘you have a 60% chance of X outcome’) or with great certainty what your risk of contracting a certain condition is….  For so much of our health forecasting, knowing our specific genetic make up will change that….Now consider the implications of connected health.  By collecting objective measurable information about you and sharing it with you to inform your self-knowledge and improve…

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