RCGP Chair claims UK GPs can no longer deliver safe care because they are too overstretched

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Telegraph GPs can no longer provide safe care

This Telegraph article quoting Dr Clare Gerada (Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners who feeling pressure from the persistent media blame being levelled at GPs felt the time was right to tell a few home truths) highlights the extent to which Primary Care has been stretched in the UK.

Perhaps it’s about time the NHS adopted the published best practice that Prof John Bachman MD, Prof of Primary Care at the Mayo Clinic, has shared in this 2009 Mayo Clinic Proceedings paper that showed how through the use of an online interactive patient history taking tool (an adaptation of which we utilise as a key part of the documented consultations we offer here at 3G Doctor) it is possible to make 40% of office visits unnecessary.

For how long more can the front line of our healthcare system continue to resist using the tools of…

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Explaining the ACA to Consumers Using Video

The Healthcare Marketer

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 12.00.20 PMBCBS of North Carolina recently launched a new video to explain healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act to its members. It is a very friendly, non-threatening presentation of the issues involved although they do dwell on the negative (potential increase in cost of health insurance premiums for individuals). Frankly, it’s a nice use of online video (I believe it also aired in a shorter version as a TV commercial). From a creative perspective, I love the accessible tone and design of this video. However, the content, in my opinion, does little to answer the questions of consumers and perhaps raises more questions than it answers. It certainly does nothing to relieve individuals of their concerns about how the ACA might impact them.

Here’s the text that introduces the video on YouTube:

“The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, will be in full swing by January 2014. But many people still…

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Recovering my (new) Raid 0 array

Doctor J's Blog

I just had to get this one out here so I don’t lose track of what I did. I just built a new system, with the Asus Sabretooth X79 motherboard. The motherboard supports Raid through both the Intel and Marvel SATA controllers. I have a RAID 0 array set up on it (twin 3gb drives … and it was a pain to set up the first time). On a whim (I know, bad start right there), I decided to see about updating the drivers to make sure they were current. So … I’m currently running the “Intel(R) Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller”; I click and let the system discover a new driver. Bad news. It did update the driver, but to the non-workstation/server version (apparently the motherboard uses the C600 intel chipset, and … I need the enterprise version?). After a reboot, my RAID 0 was gone.

I did…

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Rio Vista CA

Peter C. Bradbury's Blog

Rio Vista is a small town on the Sacramento River, it has some great old houses, a bass fishing contest every year, windmills everywhere you look, and is a big truck route from I80 to I5. I live in the southern part of town on Sherman Island. The island starts to get busy at this time of year with fishermen, but mainly with windsurfers and kite surfers. We get what is know as the delta breeze that is a wind that blows toward Sacramento, but it’s ideal for the surfers. I don’t surf or even swim for that matter, but it’s quite something to watch them sail their boards on this part of the river, and now folk are camping as well as parking their RV’s, just to do this sport.

Today we went over the bridge to Antioch and on to our old neighbors in Brentwood. Their brother is…

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“Fearless” TV Campaign from BCBS of North Carolina

The Healthcare Marketer

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina recently launched a new TV campaign. It caught my attention so I thought I’d share it here. The campaign contains powerful messaging that directly addresses consumers’ uncertainly at a time when the healthcare landscape is changing:

“Free of worry, Free of fear. Free of uncertainty. Uncover that feeling again because you are protected with the compassion of the cross and the security of the shield.”

“…go back to a time when you were braver than you even knew. You can go there again because you have the power of a card that opens doors in all 50 states.”

Check out these TV commercials from the campaign:

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Synergistic Impacts of Healthcare and Social Media: An Observational Study

The Digital Health Corner

There have been many articles written on the impact of social media on healthcare.  Likewise, healthcare is transforming social media into a ‘place’ to obtain information on specific diseases, creating patient and provider support in online communities likePatientsLikeMe and  Treatment Diaries, and improving communication among providers and between providers and patients. A truly interesting report released today highlights the interplay between social media and healthcare.  It shows how topics in medicine both determine and are driven by social discourse and not only who is talking about what and when, but in what context.  This might seem like big Brother, but it’s not.  People are in social media not only voluntarily, but enthusiastically, in order to connect, share, and learn. Decide for yourself how powerful and potentially beneficial social media is after reading this post. This report, The Social Oncology Project, written by WCG, an independent strategic communications…

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E-Patient: Defining the “E” to Deliver Better Care

Engaging The Patient

HealthLeaders Media Magazine recently reviewed a book by our friend, Dave deBronkart, or e-Patient Dave as he’s more widely known, entitled, Let Patients Help! 

The work dives into the meaning behind the “e” in “e-patient.”

Typically understood to mean “electronic patient,” deBronkart says the “e” means much more.

Blog-Graphic-(05.30.13)As stated by HealthLeaders, Let Patients Help! is a “quick but enlightening read that will inform you that the “e” also means empowered, engaged, equipped, and enabled. ‘Today some add educated, expert, and anything else ‘e.’”

Among those other “e” definitions exists “expectation.”

This “e” typically doesn’t get as much attention as engaged or empowered, but expectation is one of the most important “e’s” when it comes to addressing current challenges in health care.

Patients rightfully expect a lot from their health care providers. However, at times those expectations may go beyond what is reasonable.

Globally health organizations are struggling to…

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