Serendipity, Personalization and Connected Health

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The first goes back to circa 2000 when the Medicare payment structure for home health changed to prospective payment.  The Center for Connected Health was formed in the mid 90’s with a vision that connected health could be an antidote for capitation.  Capitation never really took hold in the mid ‘90s, and thus connected health stayed largely in the realm of pilots and experiments.  But, when prospective payment hit home care, the leadership of what was then called Partners Homecare saw telehealth as an opportunity to succeed under this new payment model.  We then had our first real customer.

The serendipity comes in when we sat down with our home care colleagues to talk about where to focus our efforts.  We chose congestive heart failure (CHF), because it was costly, prevalent and the source of a lot of home nursing visits.  What we didn’t appreciate was just how suited CHF…

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