Is Design Important In Healthcare?

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I am not talking about designer drugs — using highly specific molecules based on genetic signatures to attack cancers and the like — which are truly amazing.  I also saw one of the first real-world examples of designer organs that I’m aware of recently where a toddler born without a trachea had a transplant of a plastic tube lined with her own cells grown in the lab.

Rather, I’m talking about design in systems used for day-to-day delivery of care.  First, a couple of examples where design is wanting:  A little over a year ago, Medicare put in place a payment rule that penalized hospitals if a patient is readmitted within 30 days of discharge for the same condition.  CMS published a listing of what these penalties might be, based on the readmissions rates of each hospital the year before.  It is a 59-page PDF file.  The information is…

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