Samsung shares it’s vision for the mhealth future of healthcare

mHealth Insight

This great concept video shared by Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Samsung Electronics, at MobileBeat and reported over at AllThingsDigital provides insigths into the vision of the world’s biggest Tech firm, Mobile Brand and the newest big global healthcare brand.

Some thoughts I had on watching the video:

We’re getting folding Mobile form factors and every surface will be a screen…

Samsung Foldable Everything is a Screen Form Factor

I have no doubt this foldable form factor (which is similar to visions previously shared by Microsoft) is going to be on the market in the next few years and this neat power saving trick will make it possible to expand screen size without the additional battery drain. I can’t imagine it not being a massive success.

Great to see Samsung isn’t listening to the Lawyers who frightened Nokia away from mHealth

Samsung Tricorder Style mHealth App

It should be appreciated that vision videos from mainstream consumer tech companies…

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