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Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 4.44.05 PMYesterday I shared a video where I addressed the future of physician relations. By sheer coincidence, my latest article, co-authored with Lyle Green of MD Anderson Cancer Center, came out yesterday in the August Issue of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, outlining our vision for the future of physician relations – a decidedly digital future. If you have an interest in marketing to community physicians, I believe you will find this article to be intriguing.

Within the article we introduce some fairly novel concepts, including the idea of the digital physician relations specialist along with the digital content specialist. Our goal in writing the article was to look at how digital media will impact physician relations departments and perhaps change the way they interact with referring physicians. Much of what we share in the article was developed during a day-long visioning retreat that we held earlier this year in Houston.

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Sandy Halperin: becoming a butterfly with GrandCare


Sandy Halperin an Alumni Adviser for the Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Group is a true leader in the “War on Alzheimer’s”, as both an advocate and patient. He speaks openly about his daily life, working diligently to shed light on what is like to live with  early-stage Alzheimer’s and to share his concerns on the cultural stigma and/or embarrassment that effects those with cognitive impairments, their friends and their families. His goals are to raise public awareness on Alzheimer’s, aid in raising funding for research and support programs as well as to provide input to external groups on how to provide the best services for people living with early-stage Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments.

Sandys ScreenSandy is currently working with GrandCare Systems on the development of a new memory care package, for their existing home health technology system. GrandCare features an all-in-one touchscreen system, called the HomeBase. The system is placed in the homes of an individuals who…

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Lefty Day

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Today is international Left-Handers day! Right handed people may not even notice, but the world is designed for them. From scissors and power tools to door handles, travel mugs, computer mice and handshakes, lefties are too often left out.

Celebrate Southpaws


Today we showoff some lefties on Roughly 10% of the world population is left handed, including US President Barack Obama (and 6 former US Presidents). Jerry Seinfeld, Tina Fey, Spike Lee, and David Bowie are all left-handed as was Leonardo da Vinci as well.

Daragh O'Toole

Jason Donohue

Judith Weiniger

Adhi Wibowo Prakoso

Mari Luangrath

Aldanzo Pratt

Pradeep Kumar

You might have already guessed it, but I’m left handed too! Being a lefty is great for numerous reasons, but it can be lonely. If you notice someone writing with their left hand today, chime in with a “happy left-handers day”.

No amount of attention will make up for the lack of lefty scissors in school, or the cultural dominance of right-handed traditions like handshakes…

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Women Need to ‘Lean In’ to Pregnancy Too


The women I know do a lot. They run companies, they write books, they chase their toddlers around the house, sometimes all at the same time. They wouldn’t dream of making important decisions — what job to take, what house to buy, what school to send their kids to — without doing the research and thinking it through.

And yet when it comes to pregnancy, these same women often passively accept the conventional wisdom. They microwave their deli meats and switch to decaf. They avoid rare steak, and they do whatever kind of prenatal testing their doctor suggests. Pregnancy is among the most important and meaningful experiences many of us will ever have, and yet we are not asking the questions, not looking for the real facts about it, not participating in the major decisions.

Ladies, we need to lean in to our pregnancies too.

(MORE:Why I Want Women to Lean…

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