Gabriel J Perumal

Singapore Makers

As a guy who love making products that will put smiles on people’s face, Gabrieldefines himself as a ‘geek with a heart’. Getting inspiration by renown hardware hacker, ‘bunnie’ Huang, Gabriel hopes turn his projects into marketable prototypes. He is a recent graduate from Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in Clean Energy and is waiting for national service enlistment at the end of the year. Gabriel was at the recent Arduino SG meetup, showcasing his projects to the community.



SG Makers (SGM):What project are you are working on right now?

Gabriel (G): I’m currently working a project called the RFduino.  It is a radio frequency (RF) microcontroller board based on Arduino that allow kids turn their broken remote control cars into a new toy. Kids can learn to repair, program with Arduino and pick up electronics. I was inspired to do this because it’s so wasteful when…

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