Sept 10 Chat – Changing Healthcare through Media and the Movies


EF_Stills_KeySet_2Post By Cristine Russell and Rebecca Stern for @EscapeFire 

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” suggests that images have the power to convey complex ideas quickly and effectively. In tackling the complicated issues involved in health and healthcare in America, visual media can serve as a key tool to create conversations and bridge communication gaps between stakeholders. The more compelling, understandable, and shareable the content is, the more likely it will spark the discussion needed to bring a nebulous topic into focus.

Film, in particular, allows for these problems to be addressed on a large scale, providing a platform for patients and health care professionals alike to watch, enjoy, and discuss problems and solutions within their communities or within the current national dialogue around American healthcare. By showing relatable human stories, and presenting facts in an easily digestible visual manner, a film can create the opportunity…

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