Knowledge Based Model Transformation

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Even when code is directly developed from requirements, software engineering can be seen as a process of transformation from a source model (e.g requirements) to a target one (e.g program). More generally, there will be intermediate artifacts with development combining automated operations with tasks involving some decision-making. Given the importance of knowledge management in decision-making, it should also be considered as a primary factor for model transformation.

Clearing Taxonomy Thickets

Beside purpose, models transformation is often considered with regard to automation or abstraction level.

Classifying transformations with regard to automation is at best redundant, inconsistent and confusing otherwise: on one side of the argument, assuming a “manual transformation” entails some “intelligent design”, it ensues that it cannot be automated; but, on the other side of the argument, if manual operations can be automated, the distinction between manual and automated is pointless. And in any case a critical aspect has been ignored, namely what…

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