Sept 24 Chat – Our Goal: Providing Professional Development & Leadership for Health Care Leaders


hcldr - 082413 - 1730-1845 pacific timeA post by Lisa Fields

This week’s questions:

  • T1: As members of our community could you share one specific way you’ve demonstrated information you’ve learned from #HCLDR?
  • T2: As Healthcare Leaders do you believe best practice for #HCSM Chats would include sharing any potential conflict of interest?
  • T3: As Healthcare Leaders please share specific way(s) you’ve seen our colleagues demonstrate leadership during #HCLDR?
  • T4: Do you believe #HCLDR is a type of flipped classroom for medical education?

When Colin Hung and I first began to talk about designing the Healthcare Leader Tweet Chat we knew we wanted to design a new and innovative type of chat.

We agreed our goal would be to build a tweet chat that would focus on the professional development of healthcare leaders. It was important to create a comfortable community where we could all learn and grow together. Colin and I wanted a place where our…

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