All RIGHT you Sewanee motherfuckers, I get it.


You love your school.

You love the Episcopal Church (which, as far as cults that worship made-up stories and impose those made-up stories’ values on others, is not as bad as a lot of them).

You love rural Tennessee. It’s not as racist as I think it is (except to the people of color who tell me that it is–but why listen to them? They’re just playing the VICTIM card, right? Just scared of “closet monsters”?).

Great. I’m glad you love your whole experience. I was born at Deep Springs College and lived there until I was five, so I, too, know from isolated rural colleges and why they can be a real “community”–in fact, I’d say that from my experience at Deep Springs, a fifty-person, self-sustaining community many hundreds of hairpin-turning, carsick-making miles away from any major city, I know more about that than you do.

Do you…

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