Oct 8 Chat – What if healthcare leaders had a conference?


Ice Cream Flavors

Post by Lisa Fields

Last week Colin Hung did a great job with both our blog and moderating our topic healthcare conferences. There were so many ideas and resources shared last week.

Tom Varghese, MD gave our community a very specific feedback regarding the value of this chat.

TomBargheseJr Tweet - Oct 8 Chat

Towards the end of our chat I threw out the following tweet:

LisaFields Response Tweet - Oct 8 Chat

A number of folks in our community seemed to like the idea. Let me be clear there is nothing being planned at this point, this is simply an exercise. What flavor would we be if we had a conference?

I discovered Jack Andraka loves vanilla. As a matter of fact, he loves it so much that he drank vanilla milkshakes two nights in a row during the #MEDX conference. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s certainly nothing wrong with vanilla, but I was just so surprised with so many flavors of…

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