Best Practice: Multidisciplinary Conference Tool–NCCCP (NCI)


In the last fews weeks I have had the pleasure of participating in a few discussions and meeting a lot of different healthcare professionals and patients. A topic that has come been touched or mentioned a few time, is MDC, or multidisciplinary care.

From an oncology perspective, this has traditionally always referred to tumor boards, or tumor conferences. This has been a forum for various physicians to come together to discuss difficult or interesting cancer diagnosis, discuss treatment options, clinical guidelines or research, and to learn from one another. The traditional attendance according to the ACoS CoC (American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer) standards has been that a quorum was defined as Radiologist, Pathologist, Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, and ideally a Surgeon. In some organizations an invitation was extended to primary physicians. Typically all of the physicians sat in the front and discussed the cases. Supportive staff was in…

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