Cultural Trek around Manaslu Conservation Area

Access ra ve -- xsrave

Tsum Valley is the area situated in the northern part of Gorkha district bordering with Tibetan plateau under Manaslu Conservation Area. There are 7 VDCs in MCA which are divided into three valleys- Nubri, Kutang and Tsum. The area provides habitats for 39 species of mammals, including many protected and endangered species like; Snow Leopard (Panthera uncial), Lynx (Felis Lynx), Gray Wolf (Canis lupus chanco), Musk Deer and Assamese Monkey and other Himalayan indicator species such as Blues Sheep and Himalayan Thar.

The major ethnic group in all VDCs, except Sridibas is Bhotia (also known as Lama). Majority of people follow Buddhism. People around Tsum valley speak Tsum Language that is mix of Tibetan and their own language. Tsum Valley is declared as the area of non-violence and killing of animals is strictly prohibited.

Agriculture is the main occupation and the main crops grown are karau (naked barley), buckwheat, maize…

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