Nutonian raises $4M to extract ‘laws of physics’ from data


There’s confidence, and then there’s confidence. Nutonian, a Cambridge, Mass.-based machine learning startup, possesses the latter. The company claims its Eureqa software is the best tool around for discovering how and why pieces of data are related to one another, and it has raised a $4 million series A round led by Atlas Venture.

Eureqa can “essentially calculate laws of physics through data,” Nutionian Founder and CEO Michael Schmidt said during a recent call. “You might have noticed that there’s almost no laws of physics in business,” he added. “We’re gonna change all that.”

He doesn’t mean the software is using or actually discovering new laws of physics, it’s just a hyperbolic way of describing how confident he is in the statistical relationships Eureqa can provide. Once it has ingested a user’s data, the software forms hypotheses about it and starts building and running models to test them…

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