Nov 19th Chat – Disclosures for Tweet Chats – The Good, Bad and Ugly



Disclosure SummitIntro by Colin Hung

This week on #HCLDR, we are excited to welcome Matthew Katz (@subatomicdoc) and Patricia Anderson (@pfanderson) as guests.

Matthew has been working on an interesting initiative called #HLTHTOP – where tweets and other resources are categorized so that it is easier for patients, caregivers, providers and researchers to find information. The initiative focuses on the use of tagging content via hashtags (something all of us who use Twitter are familiar with).

When these tags emerge spontaneously, they are part of a folksonomy – user-generated organization.   Spontaneous hashtags are fine to highlight a meeting, but when discussing a specific disease I believe there is value in an organized system for reliability and consistency.  So I proposed a cancer tag ontology, a top-down system which I have shared on Twitter based originally up #bcsm, a robust breast cancer community.  With the…

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