Dec 3rd Chat – Let’s Talk About Sex

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Dec 3rd Chat – Let’s Talk About Sex
Blog post by Lisa Fields Photo Credit: We are honored Mr. Angelo Merendino gave us permission to post this photo of he and his late wife Jennifer Merendion. She passed at the age of 40 from metasta.



Blog post by Lisa Fields

Recently I viewed the presentation Patient Reported Outcomes Data in Action Dame Cicely Saunders International Seminar given by Amy Abernethy, MD PhD. I was struck by Dr. Abernethy’s  words.

Sexual distress is one of the top five concerns in our oncology clinics as well as in our palliative care patients.

Shortly after I saw Dr. Abernethy’s presentation I saw tweets from @drdonsdizon. His twitter bio shares:

Dr Don S Dizon Twitter Profile

Dr. Dizon is a specialist in medical gynecologic oncology with Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Dizon’s awards, honors, publications and recognitions are vast and remarkable. https://rem/pub/don-dizon-md?show_more=true#lectures

Later this fall I watched and shared a few tweets with Dr. Dizon and others during the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network. During the conference Dr. Dizon presented his talk Intimacy and Sexuality. The tweets shared both by those in attendance and those of us who were watching were transparent and enlightening.

Here is a…

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