Five Elephants in the Medical Exam Room: Can Technology Help?

The Digital Health Corner

There is nothing more critical to the success of the doctor-patient relationship than good communication.  Suggestions on improving communication have been the subject of discussions by the American Psychological Association, the  American Medical Association, and medical specialty societies (AAOS,ACOG).  Provider-patient interactions have even been surveyed and quantified.  Over the years I have noticed, from conversations with patients of mine as well as others, that there are issues which both sides feel uncomfortable about discussing.  I would like to touch on a few and perhaps offer some digital technology solutions. The citation of specific apps represents neither endorsement nor support of safety/efficacy. They are mentioned to discuss the emerging attention paid to these issues via digital technologies.

1.    Sex.  According to a University of Chicago Hospitals survey of OB-GYNs, the first of its kind, only half of physicians discuss sexual problems or dysfunction. When looking…

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