Takeaways from The #DigitalHealth Conference 2013

The Digital Health Corner

I recently attended and moderated at my first Digital Health Conference in New York, hosted by the New York e Health Collaborative. I was impressed with the quality of the speakers but more impressed with how this year, in my view, truly signals the implementation of digital health technologies we have long discussed as technology of the future.

1.    Analytics are the key to the power of Big Data.  Much has been said about Big data. However, Big Data is as useless without good analytics is as weather data is without forecasting models. The keynote speech by Kaiser’s George Halvorson was powerful.  He provided examples of how analytics (retrospective and more so real-time) are powerful in both formulating hypotheses and providing answers needed to drive better patient outcomes. It was the emphasis on outcomes which mesmerized me as a physician and a proponent of the use of digital technology to…

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