Why Navigating the System is More Important than Healthcare Itself

The Digital Health Corner

The fundamentals of healthcare itself are similar in most developed countries. Evidence based guidelines are shared by international professional societies. Digital technologies have transcended cultural and geographical divides. Once someone is brought to the attention of a healthcare provider, it is the start of a rocky road, not all downhill by any means. Navigating the healthcare landscape as a patient and caregiver has never been more difficult, even for an ‘insider’ like me. I have recently experienced many  while acting as an advocate for my mother.  What I would like to do is to highlight a few areas which represent potential pitfalls of care though they do not involve the provider directly.  Many physicians are unaware of the mountains to climb and ravines fallen into that patients are presented with in getting to the clinic, getting questions answered before and during a workup or after a diagnosis, and the potential…

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