Oct 29 Chat – The Jekyll-Hyde Experience – When the doctor becomes the patient.


HCLDR Gia Photo

From Lisa Fields

Colin and I are humbled that our dear friend Dr. Gia Sison will be our guest for our first anniversary of #HCLDR. She is one of the most respected physicians on Twitter due to her medical knowledge, content, engaging tweets and ability to develop so many authentic relationships with healthcare leaders all over the world. On February 28, 2013 was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage 2A. She has been very transparent sharing so many pieces of her journey with cancer and her treatment. She has chosen to share her story and is very interested in learning from our healthcare leader community. I know this will prove to be an inspiring evening for all of us as we listen, learn and grow together.

Please join us October 29th at 8:30pm Eastern Time (North America) for the weekly #HCLDR chat.

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