Breaking BIG BAD Data – A Looming Curse in Healthcare

#HIT100 presents: "The EHR Guy's Corner"

I’ve been quietly observing the herds of opportunistic snake oil salesmen disguised as healthcare IT professionals and consultants promising gold mines with the supposedly amassed data that healthcare providers have in their electronic repositories.

These unscrupulous “experts” are promising that this BIG BAD Data can be used for wonders such as: population health management, clinical decision support, case management, bundled payments and you name it.  Most of these “experts” have never been in healthcare until the billions showed up and if they were indeed in healthcare they have no background in healthcare IT!

What an opportunistic combination, wouldn’t you agree?

Most healthcare providers have been collecting data but not in a consistent way with a sound basic data governance model.

Most hospitals have paper charts that collect the data in unstructured and disorganized ways.

Most of the hospitals that have purchased and invested millions or billions of dollars in EMRs…

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