Copying MySQL Data to Hadoop with Minimal Loss of Blood Part 2

Open Source DBA's Blog

I have spent the better part of the last month at Big Data conferences trying to see behind the $2.5 million in marketing smoke to see what is really going to be showing up on the to-do list of DBAs. The first bit of news is that half the vendors at shows like Strata or Big Data Techon will probably be gone by this time next year. So picking a vendor right now is a little iffy. Hadoop’s ecosystem is flourishing and will surely be around for some time but the vendors are playing musical chairs.

But we are Open Source and we do not need vendors! Well, yes and no. The good folks at Cloudera and Horton Works have done you a big favor by providing wonderful tutorials that are worth your time to see. Recently two former MySQL-ers, Sarah Sproehnle and Ian Wrigley, have put together Udacity that…

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