Dec 10 Chat – Work-Life Balance


Blog post by Colin Hung

The holiday season is upon us. It’s a time of great celebration, reflection and fun. It is also a time of tremendous stress. It seems that things move faster during the holidays. The days compress, evenings aren’t as relaxing and there’s something happening every weekend. Every year I feel more rushed than the last – both at work and at home.

I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the issue of work-life balance on this week’s #HCLDR chat. Achieving a good balance is tough enough during “normal” times but it’s especially difficult during the holidays.

Join us Tuesday December 10th at 8:30pm Eastern Time (North America) for our weekly #HCLDR tweetchat on this subject:

  • T1: Is work-life balance in healthcare a problem? If so, is it getting worse or getting better?
  • T2: How can you approach a colleague who is clearly struggling with achieving…

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