The Anatomy of Poor Patient Outcomes: It starts with us…and ends with us.


Image    UPDATE: As of Friday December 13th, the Assistant Attorney General of Arizona informed the Administrative Law Judge that the Arizona Board of Nursing considers “Amanda Trujillo” a “high priority case that needs to be resolved.”  I don’t think the BON “gets” that stripping me of my nursing license is NOT going to SHUT ME UP……

Merry Christmas and good tidings to Amanda Trujillo from the Arizona Board of Nursing. In this latest installment of nursing’s reality TV and social media saga I get a packet (right before Christmas of course) informing me I will be privy to a hearing before an administrative judge on January 15, 2014 where he will decide whether my nursing license is to be suspended or stripped. On the agenda: My failure to protect the interests and well-being of patients, my conduct unbecoming of a professional nurse, and  the ongoing favorite—their concern that I am a danger to…

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