The next phase of self-tracking for health – mood trackers?

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Just four to five years ago we were beginning to understand the power of self-tracking for health.  Prior to that, individuals interested in gathering measurable information about their lives resorted to paper journals and Excel spreadsheets and manually entered data from tracking devices themselves.  Those that participated were really motivated.

We soon started to see the power of passive tracking.  In about 2005, my friend Penny Ford-Carleton came up with the term “wear and forget” sensors to call attention to all of the new form factors coming on the market – clip-ons, bandaids, smart clothing, etc.  The early versions of these trackers required you to plug them into a computer to offload their data.  Being disciplined enough to regularly do the upload and study the data required motivation.  Not quite wear and forget, but passive sensing drew us a step closer.

The next innovation was to move from wired to…

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