Trust me, I’m a doctor and a patient, and I’m not for sale-even though Obamacare says I am!


The patient–physician relationship is based on complete, unadulterated trust and faith. When I plunge a scalpel into the only eye of my patient to remove a cataract and place a new lens and when my surgeon plunges a scalpel into my chest to remove my cancer and reconstruct me, we-the patient and doctor-have an intimate, unspoken bond like no other. We start with morality, virtue, intelligence, wisdom, skill, experience, compassion, and common sense and end with honesty, transparency, and informed consent, all of which are foreign to big government. Enter Obamacare-the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on a free people in the history of the world.

Obamacare empowers a few political elites, their operatives, and cronies to do whatever they want to the American people on the false promise of access to “free”, “quality” “medical care”, AKA tyranny-through-medicine. They write and rewrite the deceitfully-passed law for political expediency, power, and money…

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