A tiny parser in C++

The land of algorithms

Just before the end of the year, I would like to post here one small programming project on which I have been working over last month in my (more or less) free time. It is a Tiny Parser (TIPA) written in C++11 and here is the first version, still in alpha:


I designed this parser borrowing some of the concepts of the Boost::Spirit parser. However, unlike Spirit, my parser is simpler and almost entirely template-free. This means that it is easier to use, but also much less powerful than Spirit.

One thing I did not like about Spirit is its steep learning curve. Sometimes I was making a stupid mistake in declaring an object, but crawling through the many lines of the error messages provided by g++ was frustrating. Sometime my parser did not work but I couldn’t understand where was the problem. Maybe one of those BOOST_ADAPT macros?…

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