What’s a Hospitalist? Thanks for Asking

The Healthcare Marketer

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 10.33.54 AMFor years I’ve listened to marketing people lament the fact that consumers just don’t understand the term “hospitalist.” Consumers don’t know what a hospitalist is, and they don’t know what a hospitalist does. Therefore, most marketers have refrained from talking about hospitalists in their marketing.

I get it.

But isn’t it a self fulfilling prophecy? If you don’t make an effort to educate people about your hospitalist program then how will they ever come to understand it? And don’t the benefits offered by the presence of hospitalists justify a communications effort? I think so.

Recently, my firm launched a new campaign to promote the pediatric affiliation between Boston’s Floating Hospital for Children and Signature Healthcare (community hospital south of Boston). Going out on a limb, we decided to lead with hospitalist messaging. Truthfully, the pediatric hospitalist program is a compelling part of the program. It’s also new to consumers in…

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