The ‘Pizzagate’ Tapes

The Criminal Media Nexus

The CPS today released video evidence from Count 7 in the phone hacking trial, of CCTV from the London residence of  Rebekah and Charlie Brooks at Thames Quay in Chelsea, for the 17th and 18th of July 2011 – starting the Sunday Brooks was arrested and the Chelsea property searched.

According to testimony from the MD of International Corporate Protection, William Geddes, his personal security operative ended up calling the whole affair ‘Pizzagate’.

About half an hour of video – which showed a static Black Audi in the underground car park –  has been edited out from the raw footage because it wasn’t shown to the jury. The remainder is the subject of evidence, contained in my tweets  from Court 12 at the end Monday January 13th, and much of the testimony today Tuesday January 14th.

I’ve included specific CCTV tweets below, but not related call data.

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