At SHSMD, CMO Stands for Chief Medical Officer!

The Healthcare Marketer

Failrchild1Okay, I know that for many outside of healthcare CMO may stand for chief marketing officer, but at the 2009 SHSMD conference today, CMO stood for chief medical officer. Specifically, Dr. David Fairchild, Chief Medical Officer of Tufts Medical Center (Boston). It is not often that we have physicians, not to mention high ranking physicians, speak at our marketing conferences; so this was a special occasion.

Today, Dr. Fairchild and I gave a presentation on marketing patient safety and hand hygiene within the hospital. We shared a case study from Tufts Medical Center. My company partnered with Tufts to develop a powerful patient safety campaign that dramatically impacted hand hygiene compliance and reduced infection rates. Based on the give and take with the audience, I would say that Dr. Fairchild was a big hit. It was wonderful to hear a physician’s perspective on patient safety – and on the nuances…

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