Jan 21st Chat – Strengthening the Provider-Patient Relationship


Doctor greating patient

Blog post by Colin Hung

I am guilty of something that I’m embarrassed to admit – I have a better relationship with the couple where I take my dry cleaning than I do with my primary care physician. Isn’t that horrible? I’m in the healthcare IT business and yet I’ve never tried to have a “normal” conversation with my physician. Our dialog is strictly clinical.

I started thinking about my relationship with my physician as a result of the #hcldr tweetchat we had on January 7th. While preparing the blog for that chat I shared some of the goals I has set for myself in 2014. One of those goals was “Reach out and catch up with at least 20% of LinkedIn connections”. Last week, I started to work on that goal and as I was looking through my list of contacts I noticed how many doctors I had gotten…

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