Like PhoneGap In The Cloud: Icenium Debuts A New Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Platform (Invites)


Icenium is a brand-new integrated cloud environment (get it? i-c-e not i-d-e = Icenium) for mobile application development. The service, which is a spin-off product division at Telerik, is just now entering its private beta stage and is in search of developers willing to kick the tires. Initially, Icenium will focus on the iOS and Android development platforms, and will later expand to other mobile platforms, and eventually, to server and desktop.

Doug Seven is leading the Icenium division at Waltham, Massachusetts-based Telerik, after previously serving as the Director of Product Management for Visual Studio and the .NET Framework at Microsoft. Telerik, for those unfamiliar, makes developer tools for .NET and other Microsoft technology platforms (e.g., WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, etc.) Seven says that he’s been so quiet about what he’s been working on over the past year since he left Microsoft that the running joke is that he’s…

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